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To say I like desserts would be an understatement. Not only do I love all things sweet, I am a card carrying dessert groupie.

When I'm not making and consuming these sweet treats, I can be found in the test kitchen developing new recipes, teaching classes, traveling with Gena Berry's Culinary Team or down on the river in the studio with Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman.

But no matter what, I keep it fresh, easy and green.

Chef Elle's Bumper Crop Chili featured in SHAPE
Chef Elle's National TV Debut

Tips and Techniques


T2 is no longer a moniker for toddlers. In this section, Elle takes time to share tips and techniques that will make even your mother-in-law... (more)

Mushroom Soup
Recipes featured on Live At 9

Featured Recipes

What was intended to be a one-time presentation in 2007, was nothing but. Hosts, Alex Coleman, Marybeth Conley and Live At 9 viewers were captivated by Elle's warm smile. Her simple... (more)


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